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Breathing Exercise

Breathing is Automatic, But Deep Breathing Is Not

Most people just neglect to incorporate breathing exercises within their training regimen. Some, just think that breathing is not important enough, while others just hide behind the most common excuse "I don't have time for it".

We will probably all agree that without breathing there will be no life, so why neglect it? Breathing is an important factor which should be trained, just as others.

Breathing Exercises Can Help You

Breathing exercises will help you feel relaxed, ease daily stress, and even help you to pass time in traffic jams (when you are not the driver…) instead of listening again to the same news you already heard.

While sitting in a car, bus, train or an airplane, assume an upright position with your back straight and your head in direct line with your spine, making the air-pipe straight, so air could easily get in and out.

Inhale deeply through your nose expanding your lungs down and wide, hold the air a few seconds and then exhale through your mouth, after 8-12 repetitions, leave your mouth slightly open and let the air flow in and out spontaneously, without interfering with the natural course of the air. Just be aware to the process of breathing, let it surprise you. Gradually you will notice very long and deep breathes, sensation when done will be empowering.

Don’t Fall Asleep...

It is suggested to put an alarm clock to stop the process, so you will not fall into long meditation, you might lose your stop.

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