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Moshe Horovitz

Early Childhood

Moshe (Meishel) Horowitz was born in 1919 in Russia and came to Israel as an infant with his grandmother after his parents were murdered. In 1939 participated in the first physical coaching instructors' course.

Why Was the Short-sStick Fighting Method Created

In 1939 Malcolm John MacDonald, the British Secretary of State for the Colonies issued restrictions on Jews to immigrate to Israel. These restriction caused the Jews in Israel to demonstrate against the British government. British policemen armed with batons hit Jewish demonstrators mercilessly, causing lots of casualties and demoralization within the Jewish settlers.

Implementing the Short Stick Fighting Method

Horowitz who was appointed as responsible for coaching and his peers, were looking for a way to counter the British police violence, after experimenting various ideas they developed a short stick fighting method, which was added to former combat training.

Horowitz was responsible for developing and implementing the short stick fighting method. Back then, special courses for learning this system became common, mostly for teenagers. Courses were composed of eight lessons of ninety minutes each. These short but effective courses, were based on: Feldenkrais concept of ‘unconscious reaction’, and, further development and adjustments of the simultaneous block and attack concept.

Horowitz, was also responsible for developing the breakdown teaching method, which emphasize teaching techniques in segments and not as one whole, in as early as 1940. This method became later one of Krav-Maga distinctive characteristics.

Horowitz in the IDF

He fought as a platoon leader in Israel independence war. Served as an instructor in IDF officer’s course, and retired from the army as a captain.

In his civilian life, he was a kibbutz member, until passing away in the advanced age of 88.

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