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Shlomo Faiga

Early Childhood

Sydney was born in South Africa on 09.12.1932 to parents Lily & David Faiga, brother to Janis & Hermi.

After his parents divorced at the age of 7, Sydney moved with his father to live in a hotel room. His father was a soldier so they met only during the weekends. In the rest of his time he was alone in the hotel, often slept in public gardens fighting to survive.

After several years his father re-married and moved to Durban. Sydney moved in with him and started taking martial arts classes at age 12. When grew up he returned to Johannesburg and joined the army.

Army service In his Military service he suffered humiliation and ridicule for being the only Jew among 600 soldiers in his company, often required to defend himself physically. After completing his military service he returned to Johannesburg and returned to practice martial arts (Judo, Karate, Jujitsu, boxing, and unique system of Krav-Maga and self-defense) and reached the rank of 6th Dan.

Legacy in Israel

In 1956 – Shlomo married Nehama moved to Israel and by 1968 they had 5 boys, who continues his legacy until today.

In 1961 – Shlomo participated in the 6th Maccabi games representing the Israel Judo team (this year was the first time that the Judo tournament was part of the games). As part of the shows in the games, Shlomo introduced for the first time Karate and self-defense techniques with his friend Denis Hanover. Following this demonstration he opened in 1961 the first Judo & Karate School in Israel, in which he also taught close combat techniques and self-defense.


Shlomo founded a new martial arts style which he named SHI-HEUN which was accredited by Israel Sport Authority. He was a founder of Karate & Judo in Israel, Chairman of the Israel Karate association and director of the Karate field in Hapoel

Shlomo was honored in the hall of fame of South Africa as the highest rank of a founder and head of a method and doctrine in the world.

A family man

Shlomo relationship with his wife Nehama was special & unique. Nehama was the life and soul behind Shlomo success and their house which was open to all, often become a gathering place for SHI-HEUN students. Nehama had a hard and difficult childhood as well, a cause that shaped their life together and their bonding.

Several days after his 75th birthday on Dec 13th 2007, Shlomo has passed away softly & quietly like only he knew. Shlomo has left his wife Nehama of blessed memory (passed away August 2nd 2008) and his children and entire family painful & stunned.

Shi-Heun today

Today, Roy Faiga, Shlomo eldest son is the head of the SHI-HEUN method and with the help of his 4 brothers and other trainers, they carry on the legacy of Shlomo and SHI-HEUN.

God bless his soul and memory. His legacy, a way of life for all his followers.

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