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What is the Krav-Maga Teaching Method

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Origins of Krav-Maga teaching method

An event which caused significant change in Israeli combat doctrine, and teaching methods, should be attribute to Malcolm John MacDonald the British Minister of colonies. A few months prior to the beginning of WWII in 1939, MacDonald published some discriminating regulations against the Jewish population in Israel, known as the 'McDonald's White Paper'. In response huge demonstrations of Jews residing in Israel against the British administration evoked. British policemen used batons to hit Jewish demonstrators mercilessly. This violent British response caused significant demoralization within the Jewish population.

Meishel Horvitz Solution

Meishel Horvitz a Hagana member, along with some other members, decided they must find a practical answer to counter the British batons threat. They developed a short stick fighting method .The short-stick had advantage on long sticks which were used before, because it could be easily concealed in a sleeve.

How Long Where the Basic Courses?

A vast demand for short stick instructor's courses arose and Horvitz was required to supply this demand in a very short time. He designed a short course composed of only twelve hours. Emphasizing and improving the breakdown teaching method a method which focus on teaching techniques in segments rather than as a whole. This teaching method later became one of Krav-Maga’s distinctive characteristics, and is used today in the IDF as well as in all Krav-Maga schools.

Today ?

This teaching method was further developed by Dr. Guy Mor and Abi Moriya, two martial arts Israeli methodology experts, and was documented in a text book names "Krav-Maga, teaching with doubt".

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